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What We Provide

All services are free to those in need in our underserved communities. 

1 - Clothing

Clothing- The original function and support area of LoveYourBAG is being able to FREELY provide not just any hand-me-down clothing that gets donated to those who need, but modern, up-to-date, and good- conditioned clothing so that those who receive them will feel good about themselves and be proud to wear it!

Clothing is an essential part of life, there is a famous saying “look good, feel good, play good”. So whether it is a young aspiring athlete in need of the best quality gym clothing in order to perform or a young professional going for his first job interview in need of a fine suit. LoveYourBAG will make sure they have the best clothing available so that they can approach any venture in life with confidence that they LOOK the part, FEEL pride in themselves, and lastly PERFORM the part!
LoveYourBAG continuously supplies shelters across NYC and regularly provide clothing to their occupants and of course to any other family or individual that we learn of in need. To inquire about how you can receive clothing please click here.

2- Physical Fitness

Physical and mental health are directly related to each other which is why at any event you see LoveYourBAG at, besides giving out free souvenirs and supplies, you will see kids and adults alike all doing some type of workout or exercise and pushing themself to do something they previous did not think they could do! Many of issues in life can be handled with determination and perseverance to not quit when the going gets rough which builds the mental and physical strength and toughness needed to succeed in life! LoveYourBAG has hosted or been part numerous physical and mental health events, basketball tournaments etc. and will continue to do so. We are also very proud to say we have our own certified personal trainer who freely conducts physical training classes and diet programs for those who request it, so please reach out to us if you are interested. Click here for more details and upcoming fitness events 💪🏾 

3- Events

 Since our founding in 2020, LoveYourBAG has been fortunate enough to be able to continually supply 13 shelters across NYC with clothing, have hosted and sponsored multiple back to school events where we gave away thousands of all essential school supplies to allow kids to enter the new year prepared and confident, we have hosted and been a part of multiple youth basketball tournaments to promote friendly competition and sporting events throughout NYC, also we were able to coordinate multiple mental health facilitators to go around the shelters and speak with the occupants. These are just a examples as LoveYourBAG will continue to provide more and more support to the community!

4 - In the works

 LoveYourBAG is proud to announce we are in discussion with mental health professionals. We will be providing mental health/ therapy sessions to the underserved communities in the 5 boroughs. Stay tuned!

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