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                     Paul Serra




Paul Serra is LoveYourBAG's exclusive physical trainer and life coach. He will be working with us to provide free physical training classes, which can be signed up for here and also upon request,

after having an in-depth conversation with you, will write up a PERSONALIZED diet and training program specifically tailored to meet your unique lifestyle and health goals. Paul is a certified trainer and 

life coach as his full-time career , so opportunities may be limited, do not miss out on this opportunity by forgetting to sign up!



Physical training and healthy positive living has been Paul's passion for over 14 years, and he made it his career over 7 years ago. Since than he could not have been happier with his decision, his clients are

all part of a team that he is the leader of where they hold each other accountable to reach their goals and motivate each other and communicate with one another daily. He does not just train and coach people

to be healthy physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Growing up, he played all sorts of sports whether it was football, basketball, baseball, or hockey. Now as a professional adult, he channels

that energy into competitive bodybuilding, as he has competed  in multiple shows and placed 2nd in his weight class at the Eastern USA NPC Championships, as recent as summer of 2022. He also trains

avidly s an amateur boxer in New Jersey, and is currently undertaking dance lessons to add his his already diverse pool of knowledge and skills, so that he can then share with those he works with and coaches.

Now as an official partner and exclusive trainer and coach of LoveYourBAG, he looks forward to freely sharing that knowledge with the community and anyone else in need that he can!

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