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Together WE Carry The Load




Love Your Blessings And Growth

LoveYourBlessingsAndGrowth is a non-profit 501c3 organization with the mission and dream to continually provide the essential support and resources that are needed to succeed in life to those who are inherently disadvantaged in low-income communities and do not have the same access to them that their more privileged community counterparts readily do. With each event or service we perform we also bring these local communities together and help them to form a stronger and closer bond in a safe and positive way. We partner with multiple NYC council members and other NYC non-profits which allows us to perform events and services year-round such as basketball tournaments, clothing giveaways, free physical training classes and diet programs from our own certified personal trainer, and mental health awareness workshops are just a few examples of how LoveYourBAG does its small part providing the resources and tools needed in helping to equalize the opportunity for success for the lower-income communities who are unfairly disadvantaged from the start. We truly appreciate any and all types of donations to our cause and can gladly provide a receipt of your donation for tax deductions upon request. Together we "Carry The Load".

"If I leave the world today but changed someone's world yesterday, I have served my purpose"


Our Story

LoveYourBAG started with donating gently used and new items, ranging from clothes to footwear to local shelters. Since then LoveYourBAG has grown its outreach to doing missionary work abroad, facilitating various events to give back to the community , facilitating wellness workshops and promoting optimal mental health by providing support and resources.....


Free Monthly Classes

Upcoming Holiday Events

Thank You Sponsors

Who are we? We are nothing without all of YOU who make this possible. LoveYourBAG is all of us. Together with all of our sponsors, volunteers, partners, donors, and support system, we are able to continuously give back to our underserved communities. We are all humanity, we are all that the world needs more of. Together Carry The Load.


Without YOU, there is no US. Without your continued support we can not continue to do the work we do in the underserved communites. As long as there is a problem in our communties, with your help, we will continue to be the solution. Together, we Carry the Load 🧡

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